Thoughts Are Energy So Why Not Make Them Positive?

by Melody Jean

Positive Thinking Contemporary SeekerMost are guilty of thinking what we’ll do after we win the mega millions. Yet to no avail, we’ve yet to win.

A notion to entertain. The powers that arise from positive thinking. Much has come to light on this. After all, we are what we think. Right?

It’s in the Millions

I would love to ascertain this to be straight spot-on fact. Yet, I think that there are boundaries and people misconstrue the meaning here.

If something is not intended as the universe Wills, such as me winning the mega millions, then I can think as positively as I want about it for as long as I want. Yet, the odds are it will not come to be. Why?

Mega millions affects millions of people, but there is just one winner.

Realism, I Say!

I read somewhere that in terms of thinking positive we need to zero-in on realistic items. That is, think good thoughts about ourselves and believe that what we need is coming to us.

We should refrain from putting specific measures on it. Train our minds to think pleasant. If for nothing else, it will put us in a better mood than if we’re thinking horrific thoughts about self and/or believing that what we have is not enough.

Of course we have to train our minds to do this. That is catch ourselves when negative and turn the switch to a better station.

Heavenly vs. Horror

Changing the station is something that my dad always says to me. I have the power to flip the switch. Our minds are masters of trickery, which often want to turn the TV back to the horror show. So it’s not an easy feat to keep the station tuned into heavenly programming.

Don’t Forgo Dreams

I am not suggesting that we stop dreaming about the mega millions or becoming a movie star. Dreams are wonderful. We need these too.

I’m suggesting that perhaps dreams are different than the positive energy, which can be derived from seemingly smaller affirmations or thoughts (i.e. I will have a good day today, I will be a good parent, child, sister, brother, etc.).

In the end, these smaller nice thoughts are what really matter. Good news too – they’re most definitely within our grasp.

It Comes Back Ten-Fold

My dad says “Negative thoughts and words spoken go out into the universe and when they can’t find a place to land, they come back to you ten-fold, that much stronger.” He says that the same holds true for positive ones.

Wow. Now if that’s true, I’d love for good thoughts to get stronger and come back to me. Where do I sign-up?!

We’ve got nothing to lose but to try.

So Why Not?

Heck! Why not think that we’re great just the way we are and that things will go our way? If it sounds corny, just tell yourself that you’ll try it for a few minutes, or even a few days – if you dare.

Say, “Self, I will wake each day for the next week and fill my mind with positive affirmations every single morning.”

Go ahead, try it, what have you got to lose? I double, dog dare you! <wink, wink>

Hey, and while you’re at it, have yourself a positive day too! After all, you do deserve it.

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