Time is Elusive: The Watchmaker

by Melody Jean

Time Is A Watchmaker Contemporary SeekerI haven’t written for some time, a full blog post, that is.

Mostly I’ve been keeping my offerings to the picture posts that you can find on my Contemporary Seeker social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

A Change Unknown

I’m not quite sure why this drastic change in my writing this last half of a year.

Yet, I can’t force something that’s not there. To write longer, more profoundly.

This type of thing, well, it’s cyclic. Writing ebbs and flows and time is elusive anyway.

A Lesson on Time

I think perhaps it’s partly because most don’t want to read anything lengthy nowadays – they want everything instantaneously.

For me nothing is instant anymore.

All that I pursue takes time.

I’m sure there’s a lesson, here, somewhere.

Fast and Furious No More

Things used to come fast, and easily; especially when I was a kid.

Not anymore.

Answers can take months to years for me to determine now.

Well, that is anything deeper than what I have to do to remain successful on the job.

That still flows, the instinct, the knowing.

My job, my career, has never been the issue.

Time Abroad

I traveled to Germany for a holistic expedition this summer.

Two weeks abroad; it seemed like forever. Not in a bad way, just forever and a day.

I shared my experience at Bergen-Belsen Nazi Concentration Camp in Germany.

Yet, the rest of the trip, I will share in time.

Snippets are coming to be via the picture posts I create, but again, in time, more will be revealed.

Everything just takes time.

What is Time?

Time is elusive and was created by man, but still, everything takes time.

Until you circumvent the time, that is.

This is all that I can offer for now, and I’ll leave you with this …

The Watchmaker

Time is a watchmaker

ticking in the night.

Steadfast in its efforts

to keep all strictly aligned.


When the forces that be

sway to and fro,

the hand makes its way

as the minutes come and go.


Time is a watchmaker

enforced by the diligent man.

For the essential Being

is denoted by a knowing hand.




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