Intuitives, Seers, Psychics, Healers, and More — My Mystical Body

by Melody Jean

The Intro to Understanding — My Mystical BodyThis last year and a half has been filled with all things I could never have imagined.

Probably unimaginable, too, because the preceding three years were outer-worldly in, and of themselves so I didn’t think much could top them.

As life goes, they were topped 🙂

My Mystical Body

I’ve felt everything that there is to feel in this, here, body. Every feeling, sensation – pleasant and uncomfortable – you name it, I’ve felt it.

Perhaps that is the point.

It’s the journey to understanding – my mystical body, that is.

Stumbling Upon Processes of Thought

Aside from being clinically diagnosed with several medical conditions, I’ve come across several different mystical opinions that maybe, just maybe, might be the root cause(s) of some of my discord.

–> Kundalini Awakening

One that struck me right “there,” in the place that was like, “aha,” is the notion of kundalini awakening or “spiritual crisis.” Some maintain it’s when you ascend to fast.

That is, move up the spiritual superhighway at a rapid pace. What ensues is a spiritual crisis. You actually become physically ill.

Seers Say 

I’ve visited and spoken with many seers, medical intuitives, psychics, healers and more. I’m fascinated that they “might” know what is transpiring.

I liken it to Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, who was able to diagnose people while he lay in a trance, sleep-like state, accessing the Akaschic Records. A truly amazing individual (before my time).

Having frequented with many, I’ve become quite astute in determining fakirs from the “real deal.” Here I share some of the elements that the “real” seers have shared with me.

–> Confirmation of a Healing Crisis 

Some “seers” have confirmed my instinct that I chose to come to this realm and suffer in this sort of kundalini awakening like way. It’s an option that affords one to realize true spirit more rapidly than if you were to go dilly-dallying through with less pain.

–> My Last Trip 

Others maintain that this is my last stop on the spiritual discovery train so to speak. This is why it is more intense than any other life I’ve lived (yes, I’m referencing past lives).

–> All RIGHT Now

And still others offer that I asked for all of this “knowing” now. To happen all at this time and at the same time – in an integrated fashion – all of my thousands of lifetimes melded into one. I’m validating all that I’ve learned in previous realms.


Because I’m done. I don’t want to come back. I am ready to have it done with and done now. I’ve been through many lives and it’s time to be done with it.

–> The Akashic Record

Others deem that this journey is part of the Akashic Records and/or my grand design.

Knowing the depths of the physical maladies I’ve endured, they’ve even gone so far as to say that I need to enter into the Akashic Records with the intent to change them.

Deciphering Among the Seers

One element that they all have in common is the idea that I’m being groomed for something outside of my knowing to perform here in this realm; though my knowing is coming to be.

I have all of the answers within me. I just need to listen.

Truth told, I knew most of what they told me, deep inside. Further, I am receiving glimmerings of what I need to do next. That, despite the discomfort, is refreshing

Lastly, all have suggested I chose this path.

I agree.

No Claim of Victory

Yet, even with this information, and the plethora of “divine” and awesome possibilities of what’s to come, I don’t boast any victory – and certainly not that I’m advanced in any way.

In fact I feel just the opposite. This whole experience has me reeling.

It’s as if I’m glaring with a glimmer of hope at the starting line to something only we can dream of in other realms.

Yet, not even one toe is in front of that mighty entry point.

To Trip-up the Race

Other times I feel as if I’ve started … I’m mid-race, but then fall back … only to regain footing to pick back-up again.

It’s start, stop, go, start again, fall back, pick-up and keep going … is there an end?

Everything ends.

From Hope to Despair

I’ve had more moments of hope than I care to offer.

And even more moments of disappointment than I dare to relive.

What I Believe

I chose this path for a reason. This I’m pretty certain of. So there is no need to change the path, or change the course.

Often upon my physical journey in this realm, I feel that all of the aforementioned possibilities are indeed transpiring to some extent. They really are just different names and definitions for the same thing.

I’m getting closer to the true, inner, sense of me. It’s not all pleasant, and it’s actually very uncomfortable at times.

Yet, I continue to wake-up each day and forge ahead. I’m a seeker of truth and partake in all things I can in that vein.

Further, part of what gets me through, keeps me going, is the fact that I can help others.

End Note

Today was a particularly difficult (functioning day) which saddens me. It does so because I’d had a few days of where I was functioning much better.

I am praying that today was just a mishap, and not my new norm. With that, I’m hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

That’s all for now.

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In my experience, there is a natural progression that we all go through when things outside our control confront us. The first, and perhaps the hardest, is to acknowledge what is happening. I have often run from the truth of a matter only to have it hit me in the face, time after time. This has taught me (and continues to teach me) the meaning of surrender. I do not mean resignation but the acknowledgement of my situation, the choices I have made which may have contributed to it, and the realization that this is my path and I have no choice but to follow it. Following it means using all my resources, intelligence, help from others, to get out from under. Knowing I have done all I can, and knowing the ultimate result may lie outside my control, has often resulted in a sense of peace and acceptance.
Whatever the result, I bow to the Creator’s will.


Melody Jean

Thanks Mike. What you wrote resonates so very much. I too have run from “the truth” and I also have sought all avenues to finding the answers. I am at a point (and I’ve been here before), where I feel like I’ve done all that I can to make whatever it is that is supposed to happen (even if it’s nothing at all), happen. When I get to that point, like you said, the sense of peace is unimaginably reassuring. Yet, then once again, sometime later, I pick back up and start chasing again. I often wonder — when will the chase end? Thanks for your note. I appreciate it.


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