Tis Father’s Day — So Pop — This One’s For You!

by Melody Jean

Tis Father's Day -- So Pop -- This One's For You!Tis Father’s Day, and so I’d like to say “hip hip hooray for my Pop-pay.”

Through My Eyes

As a little girl he was infallible, mistake-less, flawless, strong, sound, and well, my hero.

As a teen he was still all that. Yet, there came a time when I learned that I had the power to make him proud, as well as to cause disappointment.

His expectations were not too high, but it was I who failed to see sometimes, how I was capable of so much more.

The Pull of Gluttony and Greed

Yes, at times, especially as a teen, I succumbed to gluttony and greed.

I was privy to the riches of the world offered in a golden cup, to youth like me who grew up in the middle-to-upper-class suburbs surrounding metropolitan areas in America.

My dad worked hard to afford me and my sister every opportunity, with my mom doing much of the same.

Struggling With The Devil

So of these riches I often drank, and as a result, sometimes I fell and I fell hard. Yet, I was an overachiever in most things with people often coining me a “Type A Personality.”

From Captain of the field hockey team, to Junior Class Secretary, to Senior Class President, I achieved much.

However, I could not ignore that both a devil and an angel each took residency on opposing shoulders and often fought wars.

My dad, bless his heart, upon my birth, saw the angel, but knew that I would struggle with the devil.

No Daddy’s Little Girl

Through his patience and guiding light he helped to show me the way.

Yet, I was no “daddy’s little girl” nor were major “F-up’s” looked favorably upon. You know the kind that involved authority and flashing lights ๐Ÿ˜‰

Work I Must!

True too, from the time I was 15 it was mandatory that I have a summer job, and forgoing a college education was not an option.

I’ll never forget something he said to me one day, and I’ll paraphrase here.

Providing for Self

He said that it was one of his goals that my sister and I grow up to be able to make a living and provide for ourselves, regardless of who we marry, or if we marry.

We are strong enough, and further, we never knew what life would bring. Being able to take care of ourselves isย  essential to survival and becoming a better human being.

So, no, we were not ‘babied’ even though we were well taken care of and offered all that we truly needed.

I Found My Way

With his guidance, coupled with that of my mother, I’m sound today. I’ve found my way.

Much to his accord, I walk as an adult with a master’s Degree (M.A.) in Integrated Marketing Communications, been fortunate to live in various major cities in the US (NYC, Boston, Harrisburg, Syracuse and more), traveled to foreign countries, I’m content in my career and personal pursuits, have sound relationships in every facet, and to boot — I have wonderful childhood memories.

Thanks to his hard work, they’re filled with beach vacations, Disney World, educational excursions, food shopping (something I did every Friday with him), backyard pool parties, ice cream trucks, birthday soirees to die for, bbq’s with family and extended friends of the family, holidays worthy of a king, and much more.

Another Champion and Cheerleader

Yes, my father, he is another champion and cheerleader in my life — though a little more reserved, rather than boisterous about it, like my Mom ๐Ÿ˜‰

So with that, today, on Father’s Day, I dug-up this poem from my secret treasure chest, which I wrote for him when in my early 20s’.ย  It’s called “Sometimes.”

Now thirty-something <wink, wink>, I find it amazing how it still couldn’t be more spot-on today.

I love you Pop.


when I look in the mirror
I see your face
So much of what I am
is what you helped me become

Learning and listening was always a test
A test, that was not so easy to pass
As time goes on a minute is not lost
Through your guidance
I gain a sense of understanding

Though life may seem
to be a struggle filled with strife
you taught me to look at life
in a different light

The assistance you deliver
makes questioning my actions seem clear
I now think before I speak
speak before I act
And most of all
acknowledge my faults
realizing they arenโ€™t faults at all
just a part of me
that I need to be conscious and humble about

I am proud to call you my father
All these years I watched you and observed
and just now I begin to grasp the concept
Perfection is not the answer
Even the finest can do better

Being your daughter
brings a sense of courage and strength
I speak not just for myself but for many
when I write these words
You are the wisest man I have met so far

I would not know where I was going
had it not been for your direction

With the passing years
and the changing times
One thing I can count on forever
is your presence in my life
I am grateful for all that you have given to me
and I want you to know
that it is so much more
than most human eyes can see

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This is so sweet! Your dad must be simply glowing with pride!


Melody Jean

Thanks Alaysia — I love your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚


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