To Be Healed and Share – Beyond Raw Pain

by Melody Jean

I Will Never Miss You Contemporary SeekerI offer some “writes” that were to raw to share when written.

Yet, I vowed to share my journey for truth and higher knowledge through triumps and pitfalls and pain to peace; even the good, bad and the ugly.

I recognize, though, as a writer I write because I have to. So when the heart is bleeding, it’s safer not to share.

Having moved beyond it, I’m good to go.

So here I am offering various writes, and only do so  in the event that it just may help someone else move beyond too.

Thanks for seeking with me. Peace.

~Because I Can~

Eat dinner at 8pm; fall asleep after midnight.
Not sure why; probably just because I can.
Took a lengthy walk; spent hours writing.
Not sure why; think it’s just because I could.
Watched the sunset and the full moon rise.
Not sure why; likely just because I can.
Spending time with friends, comradery abound.
Not sure why; probably just because I can.
Contemplating life, the triumphs and challenges.
Not sure why; think it’s just because I should.
Thinking of you less lately; memories fading.
Not sure why,
probably just because that’s how life goes.
I always seem to forget,
how arduous it is.
Regaining a sense of self,
after losing who I am.

~Your Magic is Trickery~

Harmonious sounds of silence
imposed by night skies,
helps me to remember.
Because the stillness was lost.
Vanished among your chaos.
Charmingly captivated;
you stole my reality.
The way a magician
does his spectators.
Despite deep knowing,
most magic is trickery.
I just longed to believe.
Seeking to trust.
But I don’t anymore.
Well, not you, anyway.
Your magic no longer enchants me.

~What Was Lost~

Often I lament for what was lost.
Weep for what I thought would be.
Twist my knowing deep in my core.
Coil it like a pretzel;
my thoughts and perception.
I just want it to fit again.
Back into the safe little picture we created.
Yes, I want it all to meld again.
After all, isn’t that how life is supposed to be?
With little pieces fitting together?
That’s what society told us.
That’s what we were brought-up to believe.
But that’s not how life is.
I don’t believe it was ever intended to be.
It’s only through individual work,
mixed with a dash of collective effort,
that two can paint an everlasting picture of beauty.

~Blistering Chaos~

“Oxymoron-ish,” I know.
To feel chaos
often I must remove myself.
From what I deemed “love.”
Then I stoically see
a belligerent soul
employing subtleties,
unable to formulate
any semblance
of order in life, his world.
But, oh, I know
I warrant surviving.
Free of guilt.
To saunter among
winds on high.
So it’s in my trust,
my tolerant heart
I left his blistering mess behind.”

~I Wish~

I wish I’d have known
to appreciate every second;
the depth of each word we wrote upon our souls.
Captivated in a rapture of our romanticized lyrics,
I didn’t tightly hug every consonant or syllable.
Because I didn’t see a finish line.
So I wish I’d have known about this day.
Where I’d crave losing myself in us;
rewind, press play, listen,
to touch even just one word.
Or feel how I did
when you poured your soul into mine.
So I wish I’d have known
we’d turn to leave one day.
And our words would fade.
I wish I’d have known.
I wish you’d have known.

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now hear words now from my soul, to your’s let go of this odd knowledge you have grown,and endured, for when ever one thinks of a Thing that Thing will have a Better thought up by another.

“when there is one, there will be another”- Jonah Gaff
for every hear brake there will be another,just as for every love, there will be another, be it romantic love more unconditional love.

“will is both non-existing and existing for it is a fact that tricks us into believing it is an illusion.”


Melody Jean

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it hearing your thoughts!



my bad i miss spelled
there will be another, be it romantic love or unconditional love


Melody Jean

Not to worry –thanks again!


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