To Unfriend or Not to Unfriend on Facebook? That is the Question

by Melody Jean

To Unfriend or Not to Unfriend on Facebook? That is the QuestionWe live in a weird world and it becomes weirder every day.

Out the Window

Since we are continually adding new social media to our lives, I feel as if all communication norms as we knew them have gone out the window.

As a result, we need to determine new norms (e.g. how much is too much texting, Facebooking, IMing?). None of this has been fully studied yet.

To Unfriend or Not to Unfriend?

So with that thought, I’ve been contemplating the whole unfriending on Facebook thing. Particularly as it pertains to spirituality. I mean, is it spiritual to delete someone as a friend from your life?

What’s the Norm?

I guess it’s such a conundrum because I’ve rarely had a need to unfriend somebody. We can block people from seeing most of what we add to our personal pages. Yet, blocking doesn’t account for others’ actions, which still appear in our newsfeed regardless of the lists we assign him or to.

Yet, due to circumstances of late, I’ve really had to consider unfriending someone <sigh>. So here I sit, in a moral pickle.

What’s Right for One…

Everything depends on circumstance or situation and we should never assume one action is right for all instances.

What I determined in my contemplative state regarding unfriending is that “sometimes” it’s the right thing to do, though it feels really, really bad. It can release us from negativity or sad feelings associated with a person.

Negativity Be Gone!

It’s proven that generally if we let go of less desirable elements in life we can maintain balance and tranquility so that we will remain well for others who need and deserve us. Too it enables us to function more actively and efficiently in the world.

It may also send a message to the other that he or she needs to hear. Yet, if I unfriended someone, I’d make sure that I was doing so first and foremost for myself. If they benefit too, even better.

The Verdict …

While not easy to do, sometimes unfriending on Facebook is for the best. Nobody ever said that doing the right thing is the easy thing.

So I did it — I’ve joined the ranks and I just unfriended. Negativity be gone! <wink, wink>

The End.

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