Today Will Be Partly Sunny

by Melody Jean

Today Will Be Partly Sunny Contemporary SeekerThis morning the sun is shining bright where I live, without a cloud in the sky.

Through the Clouds

This fact got me to thinking. I’m told that the sun is always shining. Even when it’s cloudy, or storming.

Factual Universe

It’s a phenomenon of reality, or the universe. A fact if you will, and we humans like facts.

Yes, so it seems the sun shines no matter what we see in the sky, or whatever may be blocking it from our view.

If this holds true isn’t it safe to assume that the sun is always shining inside of us? No matter what stands in its way?

The View From Here

Perhaps it’s just a matter of how we view things.

Do we feel our golden orb, even on our darkest days?

If we remain conscious of it, perhaps we will always feel this radiant gift that exists within our core, regardless of external circumstance.

I think it’s a mind thing.

That is, willing ourselves to remember that there is a light so bright inside, even when it seems that there is only gloom.

It’s a matter of how we choose to perceive, feel and experience.

In the Words of the Weatherman

I liken it to one major difference I notice in weather forecasters.

There are those who say, “Today will be partly cloudy” and others who say, “Today will be partly sunny.”

To me, both mean exactly the same thing, and would hold true for a day where the sun is shining with clouds in the sky.

Yet, one has a more “positive” spin. Really, it’s  a matter of how we choose to express the circumstance(s) before us.

So will your day be “partly cloudy” or “partly sunny?” The choice is yours.

So go, carry on now. 🙂

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