True Story: Energy Influences Outcomes

by Melody Jean

energysmallcontemporaryseekerfinalTopics of late have been centered-around speaking the truth. Why?

Because it’s so, so important, and because I’m learning a tremendous amount as I go through this process

I realized recently that if I can’t verbally speak the truth, I can actually do so with my energy and/or mind. What do I mean to mean? <wink, wink> I’ll share …

Is it Magic?

While it might sound like hocus pocus, it’s not at all.

My intuition had been telling me for some time to address an issue. Yet, I’ve shushed it, pushed it aside and put it on the shelf, because, well, it was easier.

Easier than dealing with any uncomfortable situations that might ensue as a result. Yet, the heart knows.

–> The Heart’s Center

My heart acknowledged what was transpiring. The heart’s center, I’m told, is where our “answers” originate. We have to listen to the heart.

My heart desired so strongly for me to speak the truth about what was transpiring, and to work it out. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to verbally utter the words to the other. I didn’t think I’d be able to convey it in a way that wouldn’t push the recipient into making rash decisions. Especially ones I didn’t think necessary.

Further, I thought it was my desire to address the issue, work it out, but not make it the be all end all. Perhaps that desire was in my conscious mind, yet my heart, or soul’s needs, were made up of other plans.

–> Thoughts as Energy – Voila!

Over the course of one week, I found myself concentrating more on the issue, thinking about it. Sometimes in my heart, other instances in my mind’s eye. I even felt the feelings associated with it, and how it would go down. Especially if I couldn’t verbalize it adequately.

I had crazy dreams that week, too.

A part of me knew that since I was honing the feelings, letting my energy go there, that I was sending my energy full-on to the other involved.

I learned later, that this was indeed, fact.

When we  met-up, the other said it was “a weird-feeling week.” For many reasons, and of course, one reason was said issue. Surprised I was not.

We Can Manifest With Energy!

A part of me believes that I manifested it into being by allowing my thoughts and heart to finally “go there.” To the place I hadn’t wanted to go for so long.

As a result, I know I initiated this, to some degree. Even though it wasn’t with words. I know this as strongly as I know said issue needed to be addressed.

Since I didn’t have the “balls” to say it, verbally, I started the conversation with my energy, which was received. Ironically, since we took care of much of it prior to even being in each other’s physical presence (via our energy), there really wasn’t much to clear-up once we were face to face.

Some people’s energy just synchs-up well. As is the case with ours — it’s mind to mind in a way.

This was a first with experiencing my energy in such a directed way. Now removed from the situation, I realize what happened.

Be Careful What You Thinketh!

Energy (and our thoughts) are, oh, so influential. This is why many say keep your thoughts positive, they are powerful. There is some truth to the saying, “you are what you think.”

In this instance it worked out, but be careful what you thinketh, and dwell upon. It just might come to be.

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