Truth: Speaking from the Heart — Say What You Need to Say

by Melody Jean

Speaking From the Heart Contemporary SeekerSThis is, and will continue to be one of my hardest undertakings by far in my quest for truth, for higher knowledge, and spiritual attunement. Being true to my self.

Tuning-in to Intuition (Heart Speak)

It requires a steadfast commitment to shushing that little voice in your head that tries to squash a thought or feeling (from your intuition or heart speak) because it might be too painful.

–> Happy In(Tuition)

When your intuition (or heart speak) is tranquil, contains peaceful thoughts, is effortless to do, or you’re excited about what it entails, then it is so easy to accept it.

You listen, hone it, own it, and move forward with the message.

–> Challenging In(Tuition)

But by gosh, when it’s something that you don’t want to face it can be downright uncomfortable or scary. To those of us who understand what is transpiring, anyway.

The ones, like me, who receive messages and recognize them for what they are – information to be examined in greater detail.

Whether it comes (to me) in the form of a dream, or just a knowing from somewhere deep within (from my heart). I must study it and determine if I can do what needs to be done to be “true” to my self.

What You Need to Say

Another crucial step to being true, I’ve learned through experience (and via psychics and seers), is being able to say what you need to say.

Not in that you blurt out anything that comes to mind. That’s just ridiculous. Especially if it can potentially hurt someone else.

What this means is that when I get that feeling, a glimpse of something that I must, or should do. Well, I do it. Regardless of what others might think.

If it makes me look silly or odd to others, I try to remember it’s my truth. And I travel to that sing-song place inside (of me) that says, “I love you, do what you need to do, or say what you need to say.”

Knowing is Key

It can be something deep that you have been ignoring or don’t want to “see” or it can be something on the superficial level, such as a marketing strategy for your business.

Yet, when you envision it, or feel the feelings associated with it (from you heart’s light), you know it’s right to do.

Even if it saddens you to think about because it might require a material loss (change of jobs, letting a friend go), often it is so very hard to do.

You see, saying, or doing the right thing, that your soul (heart) needs, isn’t always the easy thing. It’s often the hardest thing. No, we were never promised easy.

Opening Your Throat Chakra Through Song

I’ve been carrying the John Mayer song, “Say What You Need to Say,” around in my cranium the last few months. It underscored this sentiment.

Our voice is all powerful. Further, it’s the motivation behind the voice (our heart or intuition) that we must heed. As it can be detrimental (to us) if we ignore — even to our physical health, if not released.

Singing and chanting are used in many cultures as a release. Our throat chakras will often become blocked if we hold back our truth and what needs to be said. It’s a malady of sorts.

The Truth of Me

I know that I’m (holding back) to some extent what my heart wants to sing. Sometimes I do so out of fear of ridicule, judgment and loss. Other times, I just don’t want to face the change that needs to ensue because I’m human too.

Yet, I know that I’m slowly breaking down the wall that blocks me from my truth. From listening to my heart.

I also know that at times it will be uncomfortable and that with it will often come change.

Further I “get” that I will be sad at times, listening to my heart, and practicing my truth. Though other times I will be content.

Recognizing Truth

Recognizing what we want, need and have to do, is all mighty powerful.

It’s like washing the dust from our eyes. Lifting off that veil, or cloak that has been weighing down our souls.

I’m sad as I write this, but also hopeful.

I don’t want to live under the cloak anymore. In fact, I know that I can’t … it’s time to shine.

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This is so true and you wrote it beautifully. We should all face things in life even when we know it is hard and may hurt, but how else will you be free if you can’t say and do what you feel.


Melody Jean

Thanks for your note Norma, and what you shared is so very true. To be “free” is to be “you.” Thank you 🙂



My time to shine! Thank you for sharing.


Melody Jean

Shine on Michele, shine on! 🙂



Shine on, you crazy diamond! 🙂


Melody Jean

Floyddddd! Thank you 🙂


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