Twenty-One Years Gone – A Story Untold

by Melody Jean


In eleven hours I’m leaving the town where I’ve been living for the last five years.

But who’s counting?

While it’s been only years, it feels an eternity.

Carrying a Suitcase 

At 8:00 am tomorrow the movers will be here to load-up the belongings.

The ones I’ve been carrying around with me from city to city for the past 21 years.

I’ve discarded some along the way, filling their space with others.

I liken this whole scenario to carrying a suitcase filled with my life, or perhaps my past?

All I know for certain is that it has become heavy, oh, so heavy.

A Million Different Places

I never went home after undergraduate college.

No, no I didn’t.

I kept going — for twenty-one years.

Lived what seems, now, a million different places, filled with a gazillion diverse faces.

Everywhere I Saw Me

Living in each place was different … the scenery and people changed.

Yet, I was always still there.

Everywhere I went, there I was.

In My Suitcase

The items in my suitcase are really the entire essence of me.

I became stronger and I faltered.

Oh! how I jumped, but, too, I crashed.

I risked because who doesn’t?

Hence, I succeeded as well as failed.

Yes, I loved, and I lost.

And I laughed the heartiest of laughs to only cry the toughest tears.

I was healthful, full of life.

I was ill, drained from stress.

I excelled to the top, even when I fell back a step or two.

I’d rise again to lay once more in despair.

I had lost faith in believing, when belief failed me.

Yet, I had a Will to live.

So I renewed my faith in the stars again.

Yes, all of this, and more, in 21 years.

Reclaiming My Roots

I’m moving back to what I consider “home,” closer to where I grew-up.

I want to be near family and friends from days gone by; reclaim my roots in a sense.

Something is pulling me there.

And the Story …

I know how the story goes.

Everything will be different, everything will have changed.

But so have I.

My suitcase is now emptied.

I’m willing, and I’m alive.

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Melody, what a beautiful, raw and honest poem/story. Great to see what you are up to, who you are and who you are becoming every day. xo Anya


Melody Jean

thank you anya for your note, i appreciate it more than you know. much light to you, my friend.


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