Valentine’s Day Is Yet Another Reminder

by Melody Jean

Holidays are funny. While often delightful when one pops-up on our calendars, I can’t help but to laugh, chuckle and ponder their irony.

A Reminder to Remember: We’re Stupid Cupids

Yes. A strange commodity we are, the human race. We rely on reminders, sometimes, to remember the very core of our existence. Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful, Christmas to be giving, and Valentine’s Day to love. Pretty soon we’ll need a holiday to remind us to smile when we take a picture. Not really, but almost? Sometimes it’s as if we’re all just little, stupid, cupids flying around aimlessly with a bow and arrow. Yes, stupid cupids.

A Continual Process

Since thanking, giving, loving are innate; one would think that this would be a continual process. Not just something that is shelved for 364 days of the year, and displayed for one.

Living Life and Forgetting

Yet time and again we get caught-up with the very thing that we are trying to do best – live life. It becomes all consuming. It gets in the way, and we forget, well about people. Really. True story.

Greed and Reliance, Oh I Ponder!

I laugh to myself when I ponder this – holidays, that is. From the greed of commercialism surrounding said holidays, to people’s reliance on their “meaning” for reminders to be human – it really is ironic. Symbolic in a way. These holidays supposedly are here to mark our human nature, underscore our kindness if you will. Yet mankind’s true nature – which unfortunately has an element of greed – shines through ten-fold thanks to big business and the greed that marks its core.

Blasphemy – I love You Year-Round!

Wait. I have an idea! It’ll seem blasphemous to many, I presume. Let’s utilize our ability to love, unconditionally, all year round. Every. Single. Day. Really, consciously try. Remember to remember on our own every morning. Could it be that love is the answer? After all, it’s said to be one of the most powerful energy sources, yet we dismiss its magnificence on a continual basis. I wonder.

Love –> Thank –> Give –> Love –> Thank –> Give –> Love –>

It makes sense. If we do one, then the next follows suit, the next, and so on. It’s cyclic. Each can serve as a reminder for the other. No more waiting for holidays. Yet I believe it begins with love. To this I will share Seuss’s quote:

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  

Love. Yes the most powerful of energies. If we love every day, we will then be thankful of, and giving to those who have our heart – family, friends, significant others, ourselves, our higher power and the world at large.

Remember to Remember – It’s Your Birthright

It’s our birthright, or duty in a sense to remember on our own, sans reminders. Again, another notion that seems so simple yet it’s so complex.

So this Valentine’s Day it really is my only wish that perhaps we can begin to remember to remember all year round.

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