Washing of the Water: A Guided Meditation for Healing

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker Washing of the Water Guided Meditation for HealingLife is funny like that. Somehow something bigger, more frightening always appears that makes your last challenge seem like a breeze.

Most who keep up with my blog know that my obstacles of late have been with my health. No sooner did I kick one debilitating ailment than this new one appeared.

What I face now has me scared stiff, and makes the last seem so much less dire, though it was anything but. This new endeavor has almost road-blocked me. I’m trying to accept that this is what I have for now and hope that it’s not forever. “The future is not mine to see.”

Yet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I am running in circles, on little energy trying to find an answer, find a cure, to which it doesn’t seem one is readily available. I’m not sure if one will ever be.

I listened to a snippet by Adyashanti when he was struck by Bell’s Palsy. He was speaking with the Bell’s Palsy, mind you, at the time this was recorded. He said, “well, this is what’s next. Something will always be next.”

So yes, this is what’s next.

For all of those who are facing what’s next, whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, or any other struggle, I offer this guided meditation. It came to me in a moment of silence, in a moment of hope. Find a quiet place to relax and read the words. Then close your eyes and walk through the steps yourself by interjecting your points of need, in lieu of mine.

Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of the washing of the water.

Washing of the Water

I stand at the water’s edge and peer. It looks so cold, yet its blue shimmering light beckons me. I hesitatingly make my way to the shore’s lining and touch my toe to its gentleness.

With one toe in I am cold, and since I don’t feel well, I’m leery to continue. Yet, I proceed to place my foot in just a bit deeper. As the water engulfs the extremity, I feel warmth.

Oh my gosh, it’s so pleasantly warm! It’s lovingly, warm. The most soothing, refreshing feeling of sunshine on my foot.

So without further hesitation I slowly start to slip my leg in further. I’m careful to go real slow, for I want to ensure that I feel the caress on every inch of my body.

The bright iridescent water is engulfing my one calf, to my knee. I have goose bumps because it’s so warm and I want my entire body to feel this good! So I slip my other foot in and gradually emerse my leg up to my knee so that I ensure every smidge feels the initial feeling of yummy warmth.

I’m standing in its gentle touch and I want more.

I walk a few steps further in until the water is above my thighs. I think to myself, “please, whatever you are, continue to heal my thighs.” The water then proceeds higher over my buttocks, to my back.

I ask this super-being, bodily essence of lusciousness to not forget my back. I summon the warm radiant light to continue to strengthen my torso muscles through its love and healing ways.

Around my stomach, over and into my digestive tract, that has always been a struggle for me. Even as a little baby. How good it feels soothing my ailments with its tenderness.

Oh washing water, “heal me inside out!”

I continue higher, and it caresses my heart that has been broken more times than I count, and moves onward past my breast. It’s up to my neck, helping to soothe the aches and pains in my cervical spine, and then I pause…

If I go under, surely I won’t be able to breathe. But oh, how I want to emerse my most troublesome point right now.

I need its healing embrace to touch my poor little ears. They don’t hear so well on a good day, and right now they’re really suffering. So without another thought, knowing how good the rest of me feels, I continue into its loving radiance and I go under.

And yes, I can breathe! Better than I can with the earth’s air – it’s almost as if I’ve taken on another life form. My entire body is now all glowing in the shining shimmering, blue water. It’s healing, it’s loving and further I begin to feel strength and peace. Unlike any I’ve known before.

And I hear silence. How I longed for silence.

Yes. I feel the radiant light beams and healing water doing what it’s intended to do.

In that moment I am ok.

In that moment I have hope.

In that moment I have breath.

In that moment I have love.

In that moment I want to live life as full as possible.

In that moment I believe it’s possible.

In that moment I know I must leave the water.

In that moment I know the water will always be there for me.

You see, it’s in the washing of the water, that I will inevitably heal. It will guide me to the answer or help me to muster the courage needed to accept what has been handed to me.

So go ahead, close your eyes, and if for just a moment give yourself this gift — allow the washing of the water to bless you too.

Footnote: I would like to acknowledge Peter Gabriel’s song “Washing of the Water.” It’s a favorite for many reasons. You can check out this YouTube video where he’s performing the tune.

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