What is Contemporary Seeker?

by Melody Jean

Melody Jean, main contributor and editor at Contemporary Seeker, is chronicling her journey for truth and higher knowledge through triumphs and pitfalls and pain to peace.  Fresh and straightforward, Melody Jean will cover it all. From the good to the bad and yes, even sometimes the downright ugly. Contemporary Seeker is filled with facts, thoughts and ideas that are percolating the minds of many and by reading her blog you might find a little something that you need.

Here, at Contemporary Seeker, she keeps it real, and personal, sharing with you her outrageous observations and sometimes, perhaps, what nobody else will. She’s your average 40 something living in America, yet a modern day seeker searching for something higher, a spiritual essence, or the ultimate truth.

While her thoughts and insights are based on her own physical and spirit experiences and observations, it is her hope that she will help others navigate the (sometimes) rocky road presented in their own personal life and spiritual quests.

About Melody Jean

For more than 19 years Melody Jean has held high profile positions in New York City, Boston, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut providing companies and non profit organizations with guidance in the intricacies of marketing and income development. Melody Jean works as a communications professor part-time, and consults in marketing and fundraising. She is a member of several professional organizations and works pro-bono on various projects including marketing campaigns for published authors and artists. Melody Jean grew up in the greater metropolitan NYC area, and she holds a Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, and a B.A. in Communication/Public Relations, with a minor in Health Science. For the past 20 years she has been seeking the higher truth, inner essence and it is happy to share what she’s discovered with others.

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Good luck with your blog and sharing your life experiences to help us all grow.


Melody Jean

Thank you for your thoughtful post, I hope that readers receive a little something that they need!


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