What Side Did You Wake On? It Doesn’t Matter! Change Your Energy Vibration

by Melody Jean

What Side Did You Wake On? It Doesn’t Matter! Change Your Energy VibrationSometimes we wake-up to feelings unsettled.  

The reason(s) can be obvious or rather elusive and don various coats of armor.

From a strong sense that gnaws and nags, to feelings of disappointment, failure, fear, resentment; sheer malaise; or an unknown, yet, well, yucky feeling; the possibilities are endless. Yet, one element is certain.

You woke-up on the wrong side of the bed!

Recognizing the Side You Rose Upon

I will offer props here. That is, to anyone who can see, or become aware, that they ended-up on the wrong side. In a purple shade of haze of sorts.

Not here, nor there. Though we know that we are somewhere out there sitting in a feeling that we do not like. Yes. We are aware. 

Change the Station 

Many maintain we have the power, in our mind’s eye, to bring forth all that is good and undo feelings of ill-ease.

My dad, for years, has told me to “change the station” when I end up here. Do something I like, or for someone else.

The book, The Secret, holds claim to the notion that we can have anything that we want.

Positivity touting gurus say, “if we think “good,” then “good” will surely come.”

If It’s Out There How Do I Get It?

There is much which tells us this goodness is out there, yet there are very few methods that teach us, or demonstrate tactics to achieve it.

We know that it exists. Yet, in a feeling of not-so-goodness, how do we get to goodness?

Raising our Vibration

Over the years my dad has mentioned this terminology. That is that I need to raise my vibration level.

Sometimes we need to hear something in numerous ways before we receive the message, or become open to receiving it.

I heard the message, finally, in a book Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Here, I learned that it really is as simple as raising our vibration level. Further, they offer concrete ways to achieve this.

An element can be weighing you down, yet you don’t even have to know what it is, right then and there, to start to feel better.

We can just visualize or think of something else. Something that makes us feel good. It can be as simple as a sunset or roses that bloom.

It’s the law, you see. The Law of Attraction, because it is our birthright.

Vibration to Goodness

So here I sit, okay tonight, after having started-out all twisted in knots this morning. I began to pen this post when I woke, but then paused to find an exercise in Esther and Jerry’s book  to carry me through the day. It did carry me, and still is now.

I recognize I started to write this post for two reasons:

(1) To acknowledge that I did indeed wake with ill-ease, and that it was okay, because I was aware of it.

(2) To share that I did something about it and with that, I’m determined to continue changing my vibration level as much as  possible.

And you can too. That’s all folks.

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