What’s Truly Important: A Reminder From My Grandpa

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker What’s Truly Important: A Reminder From My GrandpaOften along the way, we lose sight of what’s truly important. I think this happens for a myriad of reasons.

We’re Indoctrinated

The most prominent of reasons is probably that life just gets in the way. That is, the very thing that we are living, trying to succeed in, blocks us from recognizing the importance of well, the important things, for lack of better words.

We are raised and almost indoctrinated to believe that life is supposed to unfold according to some plan. One is supposed to grow up in a family unit, attend college, find a career, perhaps further their education with a Master’s degree and/or doctorate, find a husband or wife, buy a house, and have children.

All the while we need to continue a career to support said family and mortgage. And further, all of this is supposed to, at the very least, be started if not completed by your early 30’s.

When It Doesn’t Go According To Plan

So how does this plan get in the way? Well … what happens when one of those elements doesn’t unfold according to the plan?

Or something temporarily or permanently sidelines your progress – such as unforeseen events – you lose your job, get sick, separate from your significant other or spouse, or God forbid, someone who is an important part of your mix passes on to soon (child losing a parent or husband/wife their spouse)?

You feel somewhat unfulfilled, and lost.  As a result you constantly seek to find the missing element. In turn, this aspect then gets in the way of what is really important.

When It Goes According to Plan

And what happens when everything is going according to this divine plan? Many become so caught up in trying to make the plan unfold accordingly, or perfectly – working like a dog, neglecting yourself, obsessing about your children and/or spouse and sadly, again, losing a grasp on what’s important.

An Old Card From He Who Passed

So it is mornings like this one, when I am up early by circumstance, that I start to think.

Today’s thought – about what is important – was prompted by various energies swirling around me, but underscored by an old card I found from my grandpa which he gave me before he passed.

I found it while looking through some files this morning – it’s a thank you card and in it he penned “Dearest Mel, Thank you for my birthday gift and the love you gave it with. And above all, thank you for the gift of you. Your Grandpa Lou.”

It seems I gave him a gift, but his favorite gift of all, was actually, well, just me. That is, what’s truly important.

What’s truly important …

I have my health despite expected aches and pains of growing older.

I was raised in a loving home.

I am fortunate to have people who love and believe in me.

I have people I love and believe in.

It’s not the number of people I help that matters – it’s that I try to help those I come across who need it.

And it’s not how many friends I have – but that I treat kind and lovingly those that I do.

It’s not whether I succeed above and beyond at every job that comes my way – it’s that I try my best in everything that I do, and do right by the people served.

No matter the amount of material possessions in my home, that’s not what gives it value – it’s the love and kindness of those whom I allow in, that give it worth.

I show up for others, to support them, despite my needs or how I feel.

And perhaps, most important of all, I have faith.

You see, what’s truly important is not about what I have, what I want, or what I think I need to meet the expectations of some plan that was created by society before I was born. It is about what I do, how I treat others, and what I think that really matters at the end of the day.

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