When in the Rain: If I Know There is No Need to Trust

by Melody Jean

When in the Rain — If You Know There is No Need to Trust Contemporary SeekerSitting idly, loving my coffee this morning, I looked among the scenery outside my window.

The rain is drizzling down, caressing the pavement, as often happens this time of year.

After all, April showers bring May flowers.

My Thought-Filled Heart – So I Share

With that, my heart was imploring me to write about a notion I stumbled across recently.

It just resonated with me deeply.

Trusting vs Knowing

I hear so many ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual’ people speaking to “trusting”  or “believing” in God, the Oneness, Allah, Jesus, the Lord, the Universal Energy, or some other entity greater.

That is to trust, or believe, that you will be taken care of, that all is right in your world, and exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Oh, But I Know!

Yet, it’s become ever more so abundantly clear (to me), that there is no reason for me to trust or believe.

None what’s so ever.

If I know deep in my core of His presence and that we are one, I have absolutely no need to waste my time trusting or believing.

In fact trusting or believing implies doubt. If you know, there is no reason to believe.

I might get blasted by some for holding this truth in my heart.

Yet, it’s my journey I’m here to share, and for now, knowing, feels right.

With that thought, and the rain falling outside, I penned this just now. So here I share.

In the Rain I know

When it rains,
I need no umbrella.
I just look up to the almighty high,
and walk right through it …


Because I am one with the creator.
There’s no need to trust if this I know.

Trusting vs Knowing Contemproary Seeker Quote

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