When Life Sucks? Cycle in Harmony

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker When Life Sucks? Cycle in HarmonyDay in and day out we rise, we fall, we achieve, we lose, we gain, we surrender, we love, and we hurt.

We hit walls, we circumvent walls, we avoid walls, and then we climb walls.

When Life Sucks

It’s the daily cycle of life.

But the choice is ours – when life sucks – to cycle in discord or in harmony.

Oh! How remiss I’d be, if I didn’t admit that I have bad moments.

We all do – especially when engulfed by life’s heavy pushing and shoving.

I work really hard to keep my “less than stellar moments” few and far between, because even when life sucks, cycling in harmony is so much more gratifying.

Leaves of Wonder

Day in and day out

We grow like leaves on a tree

From greenery to floral hues

for all the world to see


We’re filled with beauty

abound with wonder and awe

As we bud anew

rising from every fall


Our roots help us to thrive

as we will ourselves to survive

Then the cold comes to take us away

as we crinkle, brown, and decay


We fall silently

sometimes upside down

Yet land in ease

leaving behind a fraction of our legacy


We sleep for a while

rest and nourish our soul

Until again we appear green

gloriously renewed a whole


This cycle ensues

day in and day out

We’re boisterously bright

yet we continue to brown


It’s inevitable you see

the cycle we’ve entwined

It’s treacherous and damning

yet amazing all at the same time


We’ll always feel a breeze

through our branches lair

Proving that we have strength

from our roots down there


So when I brown and crumble

I hone the power residing inside thee

for another spring will surely arise

so I can continue toward my destiny


All that’s the cycle

begins and ends you see

Yet it’s within our means

to ensure we cycle in harmony

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