Where, Where, Where Were You? A Lesson of “He Who Runs”

by Melody Jean

Those Who Vanish When You Need Them Most Contemporary SeekerA friend recently posted on Facebook something that just zinged home.  

It was so paramount because I, too, am learning this lesson as I type these words.

Run Forest Run!

It’s the pain of those who, run, or aren’t there for you, when you need them most. And the lesson(s) that ensue.

It reminds me of a favorite Erasure song from days gone by, “Where Were You — When I Needed You most.” 

And of course those lyrics are swarming my head <wink, wink>.

Disheartenment of the Heart

This realization is so utterly disheartening at first.

Truly it can be heartbreaking.

Especially when it encompasses those you held in the highest regard, and the closest to your soul.

And those you bent over backwards for in their time of need(s). Whether it was to help with a project, or hold their hand through a tumultuous period in their life.

You were there.

And now?

He, or she, is not here for you.

The Hard of Hard

It’s especially hard for me, because I am not accustomed to asking for help.

It takes so very much for me to get there. 

Yet, that’s a lesson for it’s own day, I’m sure. 😉

Yin and Yang, of the Good and the Bad, In the Human Race

Recent life elements have driven this  point home.

We all know that my path of late has had some challenges, but I will also add, it’s had equal triumphs.

You see I found benefit(s) in this painful lesson.

This period in my life has put everything to the test (and not in a bad way) — from that which I believe and know, to the body’s true workings, to the sincere love and compassion that humans can bestow, and unfortunately, too, the lack of love and compassion among the human race.

The Lessons’ Take Away(s)

You see, there is good and bad in this, because one doesn’t exist without the other (yin and yang).

So in this, I see the beauty in those who truly are there for me. As well, I glean the sadness of those I thought (or hoped would be), but aren’t for some (or their own) reasons. 

Further, I have no time for resentment, or feeling the ill-ease that these folks have left in their wake.

So instead I pray for them.

That they may accept the things they cannot change, and have the courage to change the things that they can.

Yes. More lessons in the life of this, here, Contemporary Seeker.

I’ve got this.

End Note: A Message for The Runners

If you’ve left someone, or have been remiss in acknowledging he or she, who needs you, there is no time like the present to right your wrong.

We all fall from graces’ path at times. 

Yet, we have the power to do the right thing.


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