Why We Love Superheroes – Unveiling the Super in You

by Melody Jean

Here I’m pictured donning the perfect attire. The t-shirt reads: I ♥ superheroes.

The day I stumbled upon this shirt, I busted-out laughing. Really.

I’d been telling everyone for what was seemingly forever that “I love superheroes.” Those were my exact words. In fact this year I was super girl for Halloween. And there it was. Right before me, in the store. My very words displayed on a comfy Tee echoing my sentiments exactly.

So either the retail Gods made that shirt just FOR ME, or they know that many in our world love superheroes too.

Why We Love Superheroes

Think about it. Superheroes have it all. Once their super power is unmasked, they hone it, use it, and win every time. Even after facing many obstacles, near death experiences, hardships and the like, they’ve revealed their hidden talent, their gift. So they know it, they own it and the biggest key of all – they use it wisely. And they use it for good.

The Other Person

Of course they still need to maintain their life as ‘the other person.’ You know that person who remains part of the real world some of the time. Yet, this idea of two people is perhaps what intrigues me most. We ALL have two sides. The average, or ‘other’ person, and our superhero.

Our Latent Powers

Unfortunately every day; day in and day out, many of us get caught up in the monotony of the world. As a result we feel a little unsettled. I’m not saying to the point where we can’t function or be successful in the here and now: work, friends, family, recreation, and fun. I only speak to that little tiny place that rears its ugly head every now and again.

I liken it to a feeling – as if you have an energy waiting to escape your hands. Since you don’t know what it is, or perhaps more importantly, how to use it, you become, well, unsettled for a moment. Then you resume your apparent duties of the real world and forget about it until the next time.

Superheroes on the other hand; they’ve got it all figured out. They’ve manifested their latent talent, or super power or power(s), if you will. They know it, taste it, live and breathe it.

Super for Good

While superheroes can use their powers to destroy the entire world they CHOOSE to use it for good. That is what makes this power stronger and that much more awesome. It’s why we are enthralled by them. Imagine we had super powers? Aha! But we do!

Research maintains that our minds have many levels, yet, for the most part we utilize very little. The higher part is where our hidden powers are. Sure it’s said some can move things by kinetic energy, or “know” the future. I believe this to be fact, because I’ve seen it. I recognize it’s hard to believe, if you’ve never seen. So that is not what I speak to here. I’m talking about less obvious “powers” or gifts that we all have, yet, don’t manifest to their potential.

Case in point? Me.

When I was home on break from College one time many years ago, I wanted to visit friends in long island, but my car was having trouble. Naturally I asked my sister, who was also home on break, to borrow hers. It was a two hour drive both ways that would take me through the outskirts of NYC. As older sisters do, she said no. I worked on her for a day and a half. I remember it clearly. I employed little strategies and tactics. Eventually I broke her down and she said yes. I thought – score, haha! I did it!

An hour later she came back to me and said “You can’t take my car.” As she was leaving she turned back, smiled, and added, “Oh, and one more thing, dad’s pissed that you kept widdling me down until I gave in.”

The Lesson

I was so mad and planned to confront my father. Now if you know my dad, you know full well that as kind and “Zen” as he is; he never babied or girly-girled me. So with this said, the confrontation went down like a lead balloon. At 19 though, I thought I had it all figured out and it didn’t even dawn on me that the lead balloon would also hit me in the head on its way down.

Dad’s response was really quite simple and one that I never forgot. He said, “You came into this world with the power of persuasion nailed down. It’s my only hope that you learn to use it for good.”

Ahem, so yeah; you can see my point.

Today I still persuade, but I use it for good you see. For more than 15 years I’ve successfully helped nonprofits and universities in various US states raise funds for their causes through income development strategies and management. I utilize my acquired skills in communications, marketing and fundraising, and one of my latent “super powers,” if you will, the art of persuasion.

It took me more than a decade to tie my successes throughout my career back to that conversation in some way. Yet, it circled back.

How We Discover Our Superhero

My love for superheroes takes the lesson above one step further. Over the years, I’ve discovered many other hidden “powers,” or more commonly stated today, talents. I’ve done so by traveling various avenues. I think much of it’s as a result of the effort I’ve put forth thus far in seeking another level of consciousness, or the truth and being open to the universe. Too I think some of this awareness is innate, in that it comes easier to others. Yet everybody, and I repeat, ‘everybody’ for emphasis has the capacity to uncover his or her hidden strengths, gifts, talents and yes, powers. Unfortunately though, many choose to not even try. It’s not because they’re lazy. Rather it’s usually because they don’t know that they can or how to go about it.

I Love Superheroes

You see my love of superheroes runs the gamut – from their awesomeness to manifest that which they know they do best and use it for good – to their ability to then acclimate back into the real world and do it all over again. I truly believe that we all have ‘supers’ inside. What’s yours?

A Trip Down a Lane Called Manifestation

If you’ve read this far, I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote 13 years ago, while living in Boston. I was just a mere 23 years old, a youngin’, compared to my elderly 37 years of age today. And as had happened many times before, and multiple times thereafter, I was stuck in one of my pivotal moments of unraveling my super powers within.

Choices of Manifestation

Blurry is the design I see with my eyes

Searching and seeking clarity with my soul

Trembling with the thoughts that sift through my mind

The way to walk with my talents

Where to put the energy waiting to escape my hands

Washing the dust from my eyes

with the efforts of my thoughts and actions

Continuing down this hasty path can lead me to self-destruction, or the ultimate reality

Turning from past temptations can be heard echoing throughout my soul

Production and effortless attempts to finish what I have begun and become what I have ultimately begun

Cries from the very means of my existence

Can standing still keep the progression moving?

Does pain need to be fed to move the progression?

Do we need to change to make the present?

Can the past work to motivate the future?

Do we ask questions to adhere to the answers?

Or are the answers adherent to us?

The path is apparent, it is the way we choose that is the choice

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