Why You Should Laugh More — It’s the Best Medicine

by Melody Jean

Why You Should Laugh More It's the Best Medicine Contemporary SeekerThe average child laughs 300- 500 times daily.

The average adult about 15 times.

A Cure Without the Nasty Side Effects

According to research, laughter has an overabundance of health and relational benefits.

More good news, too, it’s easy to “swallow” and has zero negative side effects unlike drugs.

Laughter strengthens your immune system, increases energy, relieves stress, increases endorphin levels, and restores your body’s natural balance.

Additionally, it helps to strengthen relationships, and naturally attracts others to you.

It sounds better than Love Potion Number 9 if you ask me! <wink, wink>

Just Do It!

Laughter is free and more infectious than the common cold.

So embrace your inner child – laugh hard, and laugh often.

Why You Should Laugh More Contemporary Seeker


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LB says she loved article and the cartoon of the mouse was adorable.


Melody Jean

Thank you much to LB — love her! 🙂


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