Wonders Along The Road To Finding

by Melody Jean

The Wonders of Finding: A Road to Me, You, And We Contemporary SeekerDue to circumstances of late, I’ve been reflecting on a conversation that I had with my dad many years ago. I said something to him that he found extremely funny, so he laughed his hearty laugh. Gosh how I love his laugh.

I can’t remember exactly what was said, but that’s not the highlight of this tale anyway <wink, wink>.

A Feeling So Strong

It was then, in that moment, that somewhere deep down I got a strong feeling. It was so powerful – it zinged me.

Honing that feeling I turned to my dad and said, “I wonder if my husband would think that was funny too?”

You see, it was right then, even though I was not married and happily single, that I knew there was someone, somewhere out there with who I’d align. Further, I knew that if he was out there, he would have laughed too.

Stars Align

My dad underscored my sentiment and asked if I ever considered why I hadn’t met him yet. After thinking for 2.5 seconds I responded, “no.” He said perhaps he too is caught in something, and once you’re both ready, the stars will align.

So yes, because of circumstance of late, yet keeping in check with that safe place inside, I penned this below. Take it for what’s it worth. What I mean, is whatever it’s worth to you.

The Wonders of Finding

Sometimes I’d wonder where in the world you were or even where you lived.

I’d ponder if you were the metropolitan kind or were donning a rugged camper within.


Perhaps it was some melding of the two entities combined, yet this I did not know.

The only thing that I knew for certain, is that you were living life the best you could.


Sometimes I’d wonder if you had a family or children who you reared.

In the end the only thing I knew for certain is that if you did, you held them dear.


I’d toss around ideas of what you did for a living and what fed your ambition and drive.

Again only knowing for certain, that both were part of your divine.


Sometimes I’d wonder if something I said or did you’d find funny.

While this I did not know, I knew our humor would blend together well, it’s innate the knowing I knew.


I’d ponder the hobbies that held your heart, your dreams and what you feared.

Yet the only thing knowing for certain, was that these too were aspects to which you had cleared.


So near to far, here to there, I walked my destined path, sometimes in circles, others with ends.

All the while I was simply trusting that you too were backpacking through life somewhere.


Nothing was ever in vein and fret I did not.

Yet I would be remiss if I did not admit that at times, I hoped you’d be waiting at the next stop.


All the while I trusted a guided unknown force, the one I know that you know too.

The one leading me to find me, you to find you, you to find me and me to find you.


So in the meantime I’ve kept myself pretty busy in my pursuit of the ultimate truth.

Only knowing one thing for certain, that eventually I’d come face to face with your hue.


A beautiful manifestation the one that was meant to be.

You see I’ve tasted of many wines, and all of which I knew were not for me.


Yet, when I sipped of your simple beauty, I was sure I’d found the purest kind.

It’s at the moment I got to thinking, perhaps it’s you I was intended to find.


Why our paths did not cross until that day, it’s only now that I know why.

You were on your path to finding you, and me well, I too was on mine.


So was it in that little moment when perhaps the stars finally aligned?

Was it fate, destiny, or life just being of the ironic kind?


While I don’t know the future, nor can you, me or we, glean where in fact it’s headed.

One thing I know for certain, this feels right, for right now, so with this I’m contented.

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And when your stars align, I do hope you share this piece with him. It’s beautiful! 🙂


Melody Jean

Thank you Alaysia 🙂


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