You Are Not Alone – A Full Moon Wish

by Melody Jean

You Are Not Alone – A New Moon Wish Contemporary SeekerToday is a full moon and I awoke on fire.

When this happens I know that it’s time for me to write.

To Be Grounded is To Be Well

Yet, first I went about simple things to remain grounded.

Reiki is “centering” for me. So I began as I do each morning — performing reiki (on myself). It amassed to a longer session. Pray-tell the reason for it’s length, at that time, I did not know.

I then visited my coffee pot, sauntered to the computer, caught up on mundane elements and then it began. As it always does … the writing, the message that I offer to you here.

Loving Thyself is the Key to Your Heart

Important, too, especially in light of the full moon, I gave myself permission to love me for every cool and awesome element that I hone and wish to strengthen. I also adored those that I offer-up to be released if it’s in my highest good.

I then opened my heart to the light. What came next is that which I penned below to share with all of you.

This sonnet conceptualizes an invitation for you on this new moon and every day going forward. Remember, we are one, and we are never alone.


You are Not Alone Contemporary SeekerOne Amassed

Do you believe in something greater

other than you?


Or do you weep in fright

as if there’s no one to turn to?


When the sun shines bright

do you thank yourself?


Or do you turn to another

to recognize their help?


When the moon is full

do you bend to its whim?


Or do you ignore its strength

and continue as is?


When the funds are low

do you blame everything out there?


Or do you embrace hope and faith

that you will receive your share?


When your heart is shattered

do you despair all that’s around?


Or do you trust in the cosmos

that you’re gaining new ground?


When your shelter brings trouble

do you hunker and hide?


Or do you seek courage

from the one source we can rely?


You can go it alone

or you can embrace the force.


It’s up to your bidding

which you choose of course.


I only offer this option

because I love each of you so


There is never any reason

you must go it alone


When you are most lonely

or feel a profound unrest


You may rely on the universe

because we’re all one amassed

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