Your Trouble May Be Someone Else’s Treasure

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker Your Trouble May Be Someone Else's TreasureI read a quote the other day that resonated with me:

“Always appreciate what you have, there is always someone out there that wishes they have what you do.”

When Push Comes to Shove

When I happened upon that I realized – my, how often we forget!

When the going gets tough and life comes to push and shove, those things that are blessings become oh so faint in the mind.

Night time Detour – A True Story

I’ll share my story that brought this to the forefront.

Tuesday night I arrived home late from work. Utterly starving I set to making dinner.

It was a night unlike any other, though. Truly. Schools had been closed that day because the temperatures, here in North East America where I live, had windchill factors below zero.

When Good Goes Bad

As I marveled at the warmth of my home, and gave thanks for that, I started to prepare some eats.

I usually use the same chopping knife to dice my veggies. Yet, I decided mine was dull so I found a really sharp, long one. I said “aha, this will get it done!” I’ve never used it before so with that, though, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Ten minutes later, I found out. I was on my way to get my pointer finger all stitched up. Yes, I sliced it. I sliced it good.

Where the Mind Goes

By now it’s 7:45 and I was so very exhausted!

Oh how my mind went there. To the place of blame, “Damn you good knife. This is not what I planned. It’s you’re fault.”

Then I realized maybe it’s not? Now my priority? Find a place to stich me up!

ER’s in America

Emergency rooms in America are notoriously slow. Literally I’ve seen people passing out and they are still “waiting” for hours. So I opted to go to an urgent care center, which can handle stiches and minor emergencies. The catch? It was only open until 9 pm, but I made it.

Thankfully too, it’s close to my boyfriend’s home, so he and his daughter came for moral support and offered to get me dinner.

It’s nice to have friendly faces even when just facing three stitches.

From Normal to Difficult

When I arrived home I set about trying to do my normal tasks.

Yet, I quickly realized all were so much more challenging with one less finger. From typing on my laptop, to texting, showering, washing dishes, using my iPad — you name it, all now difficult.

Troubles Will Always Continue to Arise

It’s no secret I face health obstacles, yet we all have our thing. The biggest take away from this experience was that quote which I opened with.

Just because we face obstacles, doesn’t mean that other troubles won’t arise. Nor are others not facing challenges too!

This is our lot in life. Things can always, always become more challenging than it is now. More difficult than we could ever imagine, actually. Chopped finger, while relatively minor, case in point. I have things going on, but that doesn’t stop other troubles from coming about.

When I view it this way, it helps me to put my current “big” issues into perspective — even if for a few minutes anyway.

Is What You Have a Treasure?

You see, what I learned is that some people really are without all ten fingers (forever), and I learned how difficult this is.

There are some who might even trade places with me, or you. That is, to have the use of their finger again. Just as we may wish to trade something too.

The Choice Isn’t Entirely Ours

So when we’re wallowing in our “ailments,” I hope that we remember it always can be much more difficult. Further, someone else may choose to endure what we have, in place of their issue.

While our choice of obstacles isn’t entirely up to us, it pays to remember something — to be grateful for everything. Even for our troubles. For our troubles, might be someone else’s treasure.

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Interesting thought Mel. Thanks for the reminder to keep things in perspective. The sort of “don’t sweat the small stuff” in comparison to the bigger picture in life is just what I needed to hear tonight. It’s important to reflect and take moments of gratitude even when things seem too hard or unfair. ❤Heal quickly sweets!


Melody Jean

Thanks Jen. When I saw the quote and cut my finger the two went together well. Cool when that stuff happens. Kind of like synchronicity. Due to other “bigger” health issues cutting my finger was no big thing, when at one time, it would have rocked my world, haha. Have a good weekend and thanks for your comment 🙂


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